About Us

We Provide Transportation Assistance

For the elderly and disabled to and from the veternarian. PAPA's also assists with the handling and transportation of other animal shelters in Nevada.

Transportation Assistance

Education of the Community

PAPA's was formed to help educate and inform the people of Pahrump, NV due to the on going animal issues that need to be addressed.

Educating the Community

Placement of Animals

We aide in placing of shelter animals and help get animals spay and neutered while also helping with the animal abuse issues with providing animal control with the proper pictures of complaints.

Placement of Animals

Building a Better Future

PAPA's intends on building substainable relations with the community and proper authorities in order to build a better future for the animals.

Building a Better Future

Project Support from the Community

PAWS has some very experienced and knowledgable people on our side, we work with Maddies Project of Nevada, and special thanks to Bob Wannberg from Pahrump Justice for Animals Local and Nationwide. Also thanks to Audrey Coss from Homestead Animal Hospital for providing low cost spay and neutering and her tireless involvement with the animals.

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